U.S. Education system calls for heavy repairs

By Michelle Chernack /// Opinion Editor The room sat quietly while he handed out the packets of freshly printed-paper carefully stapled together. We all waited for his cue. “The point of this exam is to show me what you know,” the professor said. What I know I thought. Really? What I know. What I did know was that I spent ... Read More »

LC Remembers Tohoku

By Emma Cranston /// Features Editor This year marked the three-year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake, which struck Japan in March of 2011. In response to the tragedy, Lewis & Clark students and faculty members gathered in West Hall last week to pay their respects. They arrived carrying photos taken shortly after the disaster, as well as more recent photos ... Read More »

How to College: Welcome to camp-Us living

By AJ Slepian /// Staff Writer Every kid dreams of going to summer camp: days filled with late-night bonfires, s’mores, friendships that last through the year, and scandalous camp dance romances. What you probably didn’t know was that when you signed up for on-campus housing at Lewis & Clark, you simultaneously enrolled in Camp Clarkie. Living in the resident halls can be ... Read More »

Operation Nightwatch hopes to raise $5,000 to provide for Portland homeless population

By Amy Sutton /// Staff Writer According to the 2013 Point-in-Time count, there were 3,000 homeless people living in Portland last year. Of 3,000, nearly 2,000 were unsheltered, sleeping in cars, abandoned buildings or on the streets. Furthermore, less than 1,000 were actually able to find a bed in an emergency shelter. Portland is known for its large homeless population. People ... Read More »

Let’s not become University of Phoenix

By Drake McFarlane /// Backdoor Editor Online courses are edging their way into our territory here at Lewis & Clark and I, frankly, am not happy. Recently, President Barry Glassner and the Strategic Initiative Fund Executive Council approved a set of projects for the 2013-2014 year, one of which was a proposal to develop an online LL.M. postgraduate law degree ... Read More »

Interfaith hosts Labyrinth Walk

By Amy Sutton /// Staff Writer Participants of Lewis & Clark’s Interfaith Labyrinth Walk were met with stark silence when they entered the Diane Greg Pavilion on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The open, circular room was occupied only by a table adorned with a few fliers, a basket of clean socks and a painted canvas labyrinth in the center of the ... Read More »

E&D research papers recognized by Watzek

  By Julia Burns /// Staff writer It’s what every upperclassman never forgets and what every freshman must overcome—the ascent into college-level academia via E&D research paper. For Isaac Goldstein (’16) and Kristina Dill (’16), this feat held a particular sweetness. Goldstein and Dill, winners of the James J. Kopp First-Year Research Award, were awarded a prize of $200 for ... Read More »

Stoked for Sunburn

By Guadalupe Triana///Arts Editor The weather for Saturday’s Sunburn music festival is looking quite predictable: cloudy with a chance of rain. Despite the fact that perhaps past KLC Board members were being a bit ironic by calling a music festival “Sunburn,” the annual event has become a symbol of the ongoing support and enthusiasm for live music at Lewis & ... Read More »