Professors suggest choosing new dean from among faculty

By Caleb Diehl /// Managing Editor After St. Mary’s college announced Dean of the College Tuajuanda Jordan its president-elect last Wednesday, some Lewis & Clark faculty members met to draft an open letter to President Barry Glassner asking that the next dean be chosen from LC faculty. The authors intend to send the letter before the faculty forum on April ... Read More »

The Best of Portland 2014

By Zibby Pillote /// Editor-in-Chief Spring break starts TODAY, and for those of you staying on campus, that means you have a whole week to explore the Rose City. Portland has so many things to offer: good food, great venues and about a million ways to spend your day. The following are results of a survey distributed by The Pioneer Log in hopes ... Read More »

The Pioneer Trail: Origins of the rusty nail co-op

By Caleb Diehl /// Managing Editor  Staff Writer Jed Cauffman entered the new Rusty Nail co-op in the Copeland basement in October 1973 to the rhythm of hammering, “slightly off-beat to Neil Young’s second album.” He found Chris Potter, one of the business managers, fixing up the bar. Construction and maintenance manager Jim Doherty, “his countenance stern, his tone serious,” ... Read More »

Editorial: Our pick for a new paper

By Zibby Pillote and Caleb Diehl /// Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor Despite the all-consuming coverage The Pioneer Log provides, The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark is considering bringing more print newspapers to campus. To help you, the 21st-century reader, figure out how to read all this “ink” on “paper,” we’ve (scientifically) analyzed the newspaper options and picked a winner. ... Read More »

Finding the spirit of Lewis & Clark

By Drake MacFarlane /// Backdoor Editor If there is one overarching statement one can make about Lewis & Clark is that it appears to lack any real community. Instead, it seems that we are a fragmented body, with hundreds of mini communities with only a tiny bit of overlap. Many tell me that they feel that Lewis & Clark lacks a ... Read More »

LC BuildOn determined to promote education

By Maddie Ticknor /// Staff Writer  LC BuildOn hosted their third annual BuildOn Benefit Dinner last Thursday night in Albany. The evening kicked off with a performance by 4.B.C, followed by a brief speech by Erin Wallace, the chapter coordinator of the international non-profit organization. BuildOn’s mission acknowledges the direct correlation between illiteracy and poverty, and works to quell poverty through ... Read More »

How to College: riding the struggle bus

By AJ Slepian /// Staff Writer The Pio is our infamous cheap connection to the real world. It certainly does its job chugging along and getting us here and there, but reliability isn’t always part of the bargain. Besides its spotty punctuality, the Pio can be the ultimate resource for getting off the hill. You just have to know how ... Read More »

Bolly-would you?

E&D CLASS PROMISES TO INTRIGUE By Amy Sutton /// Staff Writer Exploration & Discovery is something that nearly all Lewis & Clark students are familiar with. The excessive readings and research papers act as a rite of passage for first years. However, from the routine sometimes comes something more out of the ordinary, such as Professor JM Fritzman’s Bollywood-themed class, ... Read More »

Calling All Cyclists: weekly bike workshop

By Jessica Kostka /// Staff Writer In the bike garage of J. R. Howard, every Wednesday night 6-8 p.m., Steven Kung offers a unique opportunity to Lewis & Clark bicyclists of all skill levels. Kung, a passionate cyclist from a local non-profit organization called Bikes for Humanity PDX, teaches an eight week class designed to give a complete overview of bike ... Read More »