Full text of faculty open letter

The following is the text from the open letter sent to President Glassner from the undersigned faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences regarding the incident last fall in Holmes Hall described as “racist chanting.” We the undersigned wish to register our concern about the incident last fall in Holmes Hall, described as “racist chanting.”  We recognize both the ... Read More »

Faculty send President Glassner open letter as deadline passes for response to national free speech organization

By Tyler Wayne Patterson /// Web & Social Media Manager The deadline passed on Friday for President Barry Glassner to respond to a letter from a national free speech organization demanding that Lewis & Clark reverse the punishments of two students who used racist language at a party in Holmes Hall. Glassner and Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel David ... Read More »

Dance Y aims to showcase talent, provide opportunity

Student-driven production exposes Lewis & Clark community to cutting-edge forms of artistic movement By Katrina Staaf /// Arts Editor Though lovers of dance abound on our campus, students have few chances to recreationally engage with the artistic discipline. Despite the Theatre Department’s  dance minor and the existence of the audition-based LC Dance Team, student choreographers and dancers are not often ... Read More »

Bring on the Summer

Launch into warmer weather with a diverse to-do list that will get you locally cultured in no time By Zibby Pillote /// Editor-in-Chief Katrina Staaf /// Arts Editor Guadalupe Triana /// Arts Editor It’s almost summertime, and life will soon be easy—unless you’re a brokeass college kid working to pay rent and support an array of unsavory habits. Regardless of ... Read More »

Tip Toland sculptures bring up questions of cultural voyeurism

By Kaiya Gordon /// Features Editor If you’ve been to the top floor of the Portland Art Museum lately, you’ve seen them—tremendous ceramic busts, larger-than-life (one figure, a reclining female designed to be representative of “Mother Africa” is twice-life-size, in fact), gazing at museum-goers through blue, milky eyes. The sculptures, created by Seattle artist Tip Toland, are meant to portray ... Read More »

Time to take numbers out of course evaluations

By Michelle Chernack /// Opinion Editor  The semester is coming to an end. April showers are here, final presentations are around the corner, too many cups of coffee are being consumed and summer plans will soon commence. Say farewell to Lewis & Clark, but not before course evaluations take place. These are being distributed in all classes: seven questions regarding the ... Read More »

Ever been accused of being a pesky whipper-snapper? How to respond accordingly

By Tyler Wayne Patterson /// Web & Social Media Manager In a desperate effort to gain page clicks and assert generational dominance, many journalists have taken to writing trend pieces that rag on Millennials. These stories, and their accompanying reader comments, uphold Twitter, Buzzfeed quizzes and smart phones as the cause for a perceived “lazy” Millennial work ethic. Sometimes in ways ... Read More »

Qué es AES? English program enriches campus

By Dan Sizer /// Staff Writer AES, short for Academic English Studies, is an intensive English program whose mission is not only to provide rigorous academic language training, but also to “foster an attitude of analytical, evaluative and critical thinking about issues that confront humans as global beings.” AES formally began in 1972 as the Institute for the Study of American ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

We attended and participated in the recent meeting of the CAS faculty called by President Glassner to discuss the upcoming search for a new Dean of the College.  As much as we appreciate the interest taken in the deanship by the authors of the recent The Pioneer Log editorial, we disagree with the editorial’s characterization of the meeting as one in which faculty and ... Read More »