This Issue’s College Issue: Religious freedom at LC

With recent religiously motivated attacks occurring on college campuses across the nation, we must maintain the tolerance currently practiced at LC Religious affiliation is, at its finest, one of the strongest uniting forces in many communities throughout the world.  In its darkest and most confused state, however, it plagues our Earth with hate, genocide and holocaust. In many areas of ... Read More »

LC’s in debt yo!

WHAT HAPPENED — Lewis & Clark College, the second best small liberal arts college in Portland Oregon, is in debt. Several reasons caused this unfortunate situation for the school, including, the rising cost of streamers for student clubs, the purchase of a grotesquely expensive and sometimes functional printer for Watzek and the ineffectual leadership of LC’s administrators and President for ... Read More »

Swimming start season with record-breaking meet

The Lewis & Clark swim team started out the year with a record-breaking meet at the Northwest Conference championships. The meet lasted three days, ending with the Day 3 Finals on Feb. 12th. Claire Greene ’20, a new member of the Pios described the meet and ultimate win as, “a very confidence boosting…uniting experience.” Greene continued, “all of us have ... Read More »

Phishing cyber attacks bait students, catch sensitive user information through email

  “Lewis & Clark didn’t get hacked. Individuals did,” Adam Buchwald said, Chief Information Officer of LC’s IT Department, on the subject of the recent phishing attempts. As of the time of publishing, there have been two major campus-wide phishing attempts during spring semester 2017: the first after the announcement of David Ellis as Interim President on Jan. 19 and ... Read More »

Lewis & Clark College of Arts & Sciences to select model for general education

The Subcommittee of General Education shares its initiative for general education reform   Earlier this month we learned that the start of spring would be delayed another six weeks because a certain creature saw its shadow on Gobbler’s Knob on Feb. 2. Groundhog Day also marked an anniversary of sorts for Lewis & Clark, for on Groundhog Day 2016 the ... Read More »

Grammys hit a sour note with controversial choices

In terms of Things-Someone-Doesn’t-Want-to-Hear-After-They’ve-Given-an-Award- Away, “I can’t possibly accept this award,” is in the top three, after only “F*ck you, man,” and “I never actually applied, so…” Yet this is what Adele said in her acceptance speech after winning Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammy Award Show on Feb. 12. She goes on to say that the “artist ... Read More »

Atlanta rapper, Father, brings an energy and flow all its own

Vulgarity delivered with nonchalance seems to be Father’s modus operandi. In the past, the Atlanta rapper (and founder of oddball hip-hop label Awful Records) has rapped about mass shootings, obscene erotic encounters, and even suicide—but always with such casualness that it can be difficult to even notice. His most recent single, “Hands,” is no different. The subject matter is exceedingly ... Read More »

Civil Disobedience Workshop holds second session

On Feb. 16, the Lewis & Clark Civil Disobedience Workshop had its second session, “Philosophy and Civil Disobedience.” The event was facilitated by Associate Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair Jay Odenbaugh, Director of the Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center (SQRC) and Leader of Portland Tenants United (PTU) Margot Black, and Associate Professor of Philosophy Joel Martinez. The workshop as ... Read More »

Transportation and Parking Updates: Possible Sellwood Shuttle and Trimet Annual Pass

  With the new Sellwood bridge now open to buses, the Lewis & Clark community expressed interest in creating a commuter shuttle from campus to Sellwood. Prior to Spring 2009, there was a Sellwood shuttle—buses were banned from the bridge during the 2009 Sellwood bridge replacement project. On Feb. 1, cabinet members from the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark ... Read More »