The First Bad Man Book Review

Cheryl Glickman is a 40-something year old woman tangled up in loneliness. Phillip Bettelheim, the disgusting pedophile she thinks she loves, is in love with an underage girl whom Cheryl has never met. Clee, the 20 year old daughter of the couple Cheryl works for, has been camped out on Cheryl’s couch for months and is in no rush to ... Read More »

Explorare, Discere, Sociare: It Has the Power to Topple Governments

As an American student of international affairs and Russian, assessing where authoritarian societies draw their strength from has been a long-time focal point of mine. Safe in my liberal democracy, it was often too easy to dispassionately explore this question from afar. With the prospect of a nascent authoritarian movement in the United States, however, this question is now uncomfortably ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: Religious freedom at LC

With recent religiously motivated attacks occurring on college campuses across the nation, we must maintain the tolerance currently practiced at LC Religious affiliation is, at its finest, one of the strongest uniting forces in many communities throughout the world.  In its darkest and most confused state, however, it plagues our Earth with hate, genocide and holocaust. In many areas of ... Read More »

LC’s in debt yo!

WHAT HAPPENED — Lewis & Clark College, the second best small liberal arts college in Portland Oregon, is in debt. Several reasons caused this unfortunate situation for the school, including, the rising cost of streamers for student clubs, the purchase of a grotesquely expensive and sometimes functional printer for Watzek and the ineffectual leadership of LC’s administrators and President for ... Read More »

Swimming start season with record-breaking meet

The Lewis & Clark swim team started out the year with a record-breaking meet at the Northwest Conference championships. The meet lasted three days, ending with the Day 3 Finals on Feb. 12th. Claire Greene ’20, a new member of the Pios described the meet and ultimate win as, “a very confidence boosting…uniting experience.” Greene continued, “all of us have ... Read More »