The Great Exhibit: WWI on display in Watzek

100 years later, Watzek puts on display of historical artifacts researched by LC students in rememberance By LESLIE MUIR IT’S WARTIME, and the entire football team has enlisted. Seventy-six percent of the student body won’t be returning to classes next year, and Morgan S. Odell is already on the front line in Italy driving soldiers (just like your future self) ... Read More »

Featured SAAB grant recipient

By LYDIA BLEIFUSS Chile is currently attempting to navigate tremendous dilemmas in terms of water management. I will be traveling through Chile to personally conduct as many interviews as possible from a variety of perspectives. The general goal is to gain a greater understanding of how large hydro developments have altered/attempted to alter Chile’s rivers, and the resulting impacts. I ... Read More »

November’s identity crisis: Autumn’s premature death and rebirth as the Christmas season

Kat Alperin

From red cups to candy canes, autumn suffers from a barrage of early winter festivities By SYDNEY OWADA Aisles lined with icicle lights, candy canes of all flavors, stoic nutcrackers and holly wreaths accompany advertisements for peppermint ice cream, gingerbread coffee creamer and eggnog. Holiday nostalgia begins to return with the familiar sound of “It’s the most wonderful time of ... Read More »

Living abroad: A student’s perspective of India

By CASSIE BROADWIN I HAD ALREADY written this article, before a black-out swept the city and knocked our wifi out with it. This happens every now and again; there have been thunder and lightning storms ever since we arrived in Chennai two weeks back. Surely, the lights jump back on, and you realize that no black-out could slow the pace of ... Read More »

Student outreach program loses funding for 2016-2017 year

By MICHELLE GARFIAS and KATIE KELLY A high school outreach program on campus may be at risk of losing its funding due to changes in grant requirements. The Community Engagement and Leadership in Science (CELS), part of the Collaborative Approaches to Undergraduate Science Education 2.0 (CAUSE 2.0), loses its funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant (HHMI) and the ... Read More »

A day in the life: A RA-flection on duty

A brief look into what it’s like to be one of the pillars of the Lewis & Clark community By ALTHEA BILLINGS In the three years as a Resident Advisor (RA), Nick Laycox ’16 reflected positively on his work as an RA. “I’ve worked in SOA, Holes/Hartzfeld in the apartments over the summer and in Copeland,” Laycox said. After his ... Read More »

Halloween: a license to not be yourself, not to be your worst self

Residents of the Sellwood Stumble suffer damages and disrespect inflicted by LC students By ELIZABETH ARAGON Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year (besides St. Patrick’s Day of course); however, this year the sobering actions of a handful of individuals brought the night to an abrupt end for many. More specifically, I am talking about the events that transpired ... Read More »

Current Lewis & Clark swimmers challenge alumni in the annual dual meet held during the homecoming weekend

By CARLY CHELOVITZ On Oct. 17, athletes both young and old, came together at the Zehntbauer Swimming Pavilion for some good, old fashioned competition. This event, appropriately named the Alumni Meet, has been a part of Lewis & Clark’s Homecoming Weekend festivities for over a decade. Each year, alumni and families come from across the United States to watch the swimmers compete ... Read More »