Elections Special: Bernie Sanders

By Zane Dundon /// Staff Writer Bernie Sanders is not just the most progressive and most honest presidential candidate of 2016. He’s one of the most progressive and honest presidential candidates in recent American history. I support Bernie Sanders because he is not afraid to point a finger at the most pressing injustices of our time and, more importantly, is ... Read More »

BDSM club seeks to build community, encourage safe practice

By Sarah McDonaugh/// Staff Reporter Lewis & Clark’s BDSM club is looking forward to a productive semester. Founder and president Kim Lantz ’18 has multiple plans for outreach, on-campus engagement and intra-club support and community. BDSM is an acronym with overlapping meanings. The typical interpretation is any sexual act or relationship characterized by the practice of consensual sadomasochism. Technically, it ... Read More »

Students mourn closing of iconic food cart pods

By Lexi Kelley /// Staff Writer Food Carts Portland is a blog that will help any foodie find their craving. As their slogan says, “Every Craving Is a Moving Target.” However, that target may have just become even harder to hit. Food Carts Portland came out with a post on February 7th discussing a recent announcement released by the Oregonian ... Read More »

Spotify: is it worth it?

By Leslie Muir /// Opinions Editor David Lowery is suing Spotify for $150 million over artist copyright infringement. Taylor Swift wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal condemning music streaming sites, such as Spotify, that cut artists out of supposedly substantial profits. Spotify doesn’t even have my favorite Chance the Rapper album up. So should we still use it? To be ... Read More »

Baseball leads off on the brand new season

The baseball Pioneers get ready for the Northwest Conference grind in March By Peter Melling /// Sports Editor The boys are back in town! The baseball Pioneers have returned to the diamond for the 2016 season, ready to capitalize on the progress made last season and on the arrival of 20 rookies. As of March 1, the team is 6-7, and ... Read More »

LC group rethinks GenEd

By Gelsey Plaza /// Staff Writer For the past several years, the Lewis & Clark Curriculum Committee has been working on several plans to try to implement changes to the general education (GenEd) requirements.  However, the changes were never carried out.  At LC, GenEd currently includes Exploration and Discovery (E&D) and the distribution requirements, which are foreign language, creative arts, ... Read More »

Health Center survey to collect data on student habits

By Natalie Rich /// Staff Writer Any student who opened an email entitled “Lewis & Clark College Student Health Survey” was met with a perhaps familiar line of questioning: rate your personal levels and history with regards to mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, alcohol and substance use, violence, disabilities and sexual health.  On Feb. 22, the National College Health Assessment ... Read More »

Animal Collective’s “Painting With”: Review

Despite strong singles and memorable moments, the band’s tenth album fails to meet expectations By Daniel Elliott /// Staff Writer Animal Collective really have been around forever. To    think, they used to be a bunch of teenagers going to a Waldorf school and playing strange, textured, genre-less music out the back porches of Baltimore county homes and starting their own ... Read More »