Young Thug: I’m Up

By Harrison Smith   Young Thug has a new mixtape on the way and this should come as a surprise to no one. The hyper-prolific rapper, gender-role annihilator, stick-thin fashion icon, irreverent quasi-avant singer and wild card of Atlanta’s skyrocketing trap scene has been continuously rising in fame after the big bang success of his 2014 hit track “Stoner.” However, ... Read More »

Gender Studies Symposium Panel presents flaws in education about sex and gender

By Althea Billings /// Features Editor How We Learn About Sex and Gender, Thursday’s Gender Studies Symposium panel moderated by Jenny Bornstein offered three presentations and an open discussion about the shortcomings of education about sex and gender in the modern era. The first presentation was given by Katie Steen, a senior gender studies major at Whitman College. Titled Performativity ... Read More »

Lessons for the future: social-emotional skill tests

  By Sydney Owada When reflecting upon the years spent in the rowdy, germy Petri-dish that was elementary school, one forgets to consider this period as one in which a child’s perception of social order transitions from a state of blissful ignorance to one of conscientiousness. We forget about this transition because it never truly happened (hence the continued existence ... Read More »

ASLC elections special: Cabinet edition

By Jonah Svihus /// Senior Staff Writer Presidential Candidates: Abe Weill ’17 comes into the presidential race having two years of experience working with the Gender Studies Symposium as well as holding many leadership roles with extracurricular groups on and off campus. He holds the firm belief that the Student Body President of Lewis & Clark College needs to be ... Read More »

ASLC Presidential Debate Review

By Jonah Svihus /// Senior Staff Writer   For a recap of the Chief Justice debates, click here.  The two candidates for the highest office of student government clashed at the 2016 Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) Cabinet debates on March 16. The candidates faced the voting public differently: Adam Fractor ’17 occupied a small amount of the ... Read More »

ASLC Chief Justice Debate Review

By Jonah Svihus /// Senior Staff Writer     For a recap of the presidential debate, click here. With the future of the school’s student government at stake, the 2016 Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) Cabinet debates occurred on March 16. About 40 people attended the event. The theme from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black ... Read More »

The People’s Logic

By Bradley Davis /// Business Manager We all love demagogues. For years, the Rush Limbaughs and Rachel Maddows of the world have been rightfully criticized for their demagoguery. The entertainment value of such talk show hosts depends solely on their tribalism. The majority of viewers comprise an in-group, an audience with homogenous values and beliefs, bemoaning an intolerable out-group. Following ... Read More »

Gender Studies Symposium wraps up after a ‘playful’ three days

By Emma Grillo///Features Editor Game On! Gender and Sexuality in Play, this year’s Gender Studies Symposium wrapped up Friday after three days of panels, discussions and speeches. The annual symposium traditionally chooses a topic each year around which to focus panelists and presentations. “Last year was like a really intense theme… and so we just thought it would be really ... Read More »