Angel Olsen — My Woman Review

Angel Olsen broadens her sonic palette on stunning new full-length album “My Woman” Upon the release of “Intern,” “My Woman”’s first single, I assumed hundreds of critics across the country would have kicked the bucket, murdering each other in order to have the first grab at  James Murphy’s classic jab: “I hear you’re buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and ... Read More »

Dan Vyleta’s Smoke is enthusiastic, but insubstantial

I will always be suspicious of anything marketed as “Dickensian.” It calls to mind overly long period films, comically morbid conversations about the weather, and convoluted plots that suggest the author’s creative process involved throwing random facts about the Industrial Revolution at a wall until something stuck. That’s how I felt reading Smoke, a compromise between dark dystopianism and historical ... Read More »

A difficult away game proves to be cure for preconference jitters

THE PIONEERS started their season with a 35-3 loss at Zinda Field this past Saturday. An early field goal was Lewis & Clark’s only scoring effort against Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Stags. The 19-yard attempt was scored by first year place kicker J. Hendrickson, whose first career points came shortly following CMS’s opening drive. CMS’ running back Andre Segre capped off the Stags’ ... Read More »

Classzilla problems encourage some first-years to transfer

By NOAH FOSTER-KOTH/// Senior Staff Writer Lewis & Clark’s 2016 freshman class is the largest in the school’s history, earning the nickname “Classzilla” from students and staff. But Classzilla is about to shrink substantially, as many freshman students have made plans to leave LC next year. Freshman Lucy Stordahl was originally attracted to LC because of its location in the ... Read More »

Assistance animals and service dogs offer support for residential students

By EMMA GRILLO/// Features Editor The Lewis & Clark community is no stranger to animals. Community members bring their pets to campus to play and walk, and during finals there is the infamous puppy hour, where students can relieve stress by romping with little fuzz balls before they resign back to the library. However, this semester students may have noticed ... Read More »

A peek into the Watzek Special Collections

By NATALIE RICH/// Staff Writer To most students, the Special Collections section of Watzek Library is a mystery. The room, while centrally located, is closed off by fire-resistant, bulletproof doors and its dim interior lighting provides a darker contrast against the rest of library. However, according to Zach Selley, Associate Head of Special Collections for the College Archives, this should ... Read More »

Crew gears up for their great race

Excitement builds as Crew preps for Northwest Conference Championships By Tim Cable /// Staff Writer When you’ve ranked in the top 15 nationally, second in the Northwest, and beat your longtime rivals for the first time in recent memory, you have every right to be excited, and deserve some appreciation and attention. The Lewis & Clark women’s rowing team is in ... Read More »