Beetlemania sweeps Watzek, now with more legs and fewer guitars

  By Gelsey Plaza /// Senior Staff Writer Beetles ranging from the size of 0.3 millimeters to 6.7  centimeters are being showcased in the Watzek Library atrium.  Alumnus Chaya Arabia ’15 organized this unique exhibit, called The Beetles of Lewis & Clark, in which six specimens of beetles are displayed.   Three are from the family Curculionidae (weevils and bark beetles), ... Read More »

Four stories about love

Introduction by Tyler Wayne Patterson /// Web & Social Media Manager  Stories by Emily Dorrel, Demi Glidden, Danni Green and Tyler Wayne Patterson I had this friend in high school who had this (unfounded) theory that at the core of all human actions is sex. But perhaps in reality, the core is love. Here’s the thing about looking for love: you ... Read More »

Break the Canon Contemporary Literature Symposium aims to shake up the English department

By McKenna Teigland /// Senior Staff Writer There has been shaking and rattling going on within the English department at Lewis & Clark. For those who are not aware, there is a community within the department asking the question of what role the traditional English canon plays in the department program. This community has taken a proactive step in ensuring ... Read More »

Plating a Northwest Conference return for the diamond Pioneers

Baseball and Softball come back from road trips with renewed focus By Peter Melling /// Sports Editor Following their Spring Break road trips, the Baseball and Softball Pioneers have focused their efforts towards the rest of their respective seasons. However, the teams have faced different fortunes in their NWC returns. While Baseball has lost eleven straight games, Softball has won ... Read More »

Revisiting the past: LC alumni plan a return trip to Iran after their influential professor’s passing

Graduates reminisce about 1968 abroad trip and renew excitement about returning to Iran in the fall By LESLIE MUIR///Opinions Editor Imagine studying abroad just one more time. You would get to do it all again, visit the same faraway country with the same group of students you went with before. It may not happen next month or even next year, but ... Read More »

Africans for Peace visit campus to share message

South African university students Klaas Manilo and Jamie Mighti tour the U.S. to discuss conflict and resolution By ALTHEA BILLINGS///Features Editor The founders of the burgeoning movement Africans for Peace visited campus on March 31 in hopes of facilitating conversation about peace at a campus level. Jamie Mighti and Klaas Masilo created the organization to formalize their frequent debates on the ... Read More »

Supreme court hindered by vote

By Drew Matlovsky Wake up and smell the roses: Merrick Garland isn’t going to be a Supreme Court Justice anytime soon. Hell, he probably won’t even get a vote. Yeah, that’s right. Merrick Garland will not even be offered the pleasure of being rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee, or even the Senate as a whole. Is this incompetency at ... Read More »

ASLC election snags record voter turnout, eager new Cabinet

By Gelsey Plaza /// Staff Writer ON MARCH 21, the 2016-2017 ASLC Cabinet election results were announced.  Adam Fractor ’17 will be President, Nick LeSage ’17 Vice President, Jiayan Sheng ’18 Chief Justice, Marissa Valdez ’18 Treasurer, Miranda Mora ’19 Community Service and Relations Coordinator and Alden Chatfield ’19 Student Organizations Coordinator. According to current ASLC Director of Elections Adrian ... Read More »