This Issue’s College Issue: A decline in international student college applications

To be an immigrant in any capacity within the United States has never been an easy undertaking. With the exclusion of perhaps the rich British bureaucrats that founded our nation, the concept of immigration has confused our nation for centuries. Our nation’s history is rooted deeply in the horrendous treatment of immigrants; for hundreds of years, with each new group ... Read More »

New online Campus Market implemented

This month, a Craigslist-like sharing platform for college students called Campus Market was made available at Lewis & Clark. It is a trusted space for students to exchange and sell unwanted items, create carpools and list housing within the LC community. Campus Market was created as an effort to reduce the carbon footprint made by college students across the nation. ... Read More »

Intramural soccer season ends

It’s 9:30 p.m. on a cold night at Griswold field. Usually, by this time, the floodlights would have turned off, instead, they illuminate the turf that has been transformed into three separate soccer fields. On the furthest field, Pablo Osuna ’18 breaks free down the left-hand side. Putting a low cross into the box, the ball ricochets off an unexpecting ... Read More »

Predators awarded in entertainment

  Celebrities accused of sexual assault face little to no repercussions, and continue to be forgiven by audiences and other artists through the giving of awards and jobs. When the accusations began pouring out against Bill Cosby, detailing decades of rape and assault, the media was shaken. “America’s Dad,” as it turned out, had been drugging, assaulting and groping women ... Read More »

Music Video Festival

“Don’t you wonder sometimes ‘Bout sound and vision?” —David Bowie, “Sound and Vision.” Low. The rain had died down to a fine mist by the time we approached the theater, giving the famous neon sign an extra blinding sheen. I read the marquee as we passed below it: PORTLAND MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL. The grandeur of the Hollywood Theater never fails ... Read More »

Women’s Softball

Lewis & Clark’s Women’s Softball team struck a 3-0 win after a losing streak of eight games starting at the beginning of the season. It was an unexpected, but certainly welcome, win resulting in many firsts for the LC’s softball players and a sweeping victory. The winning game took place on Saturday, March 12, against the Puget Sound Loggers after ... Read More »

Reflecting on women’s history month

March is Women’s History Month, and even though March will be more than half over by the time this article is published, it is still a worthy topic. I am disappointed that I have not heard more about it over the years considering the importance of discussions about women’s rights. It was so under the radar this year that I ... Read More »

Adventures Abroad: Dublin pubs and alternative humor

Dubliners have a unique way of interacting with strangers: they f**k with them. It’s often a sort of jeering friendliness, a disingenuous niceness that seems a little off. They’re not necessarily being malicious. They just find your disarmed confusion incredibly amusing. One particularly memorable example happened early in the semester. A small group of people from the Lewis & Clark ... Read More »

LC Gender studies department hosts symposium, Point of Access

From March 8 through 10, Lewis  & Clark held its 36th annual Gender Studies Symposium. This year, it was titled “Point of Access” and sought to examine the dynamics of resource distribution dynamics, regarding how some people are prioritized over others in society based on gender and sexuality. Students, faculty, staff, scholars and artists came together to participate in the ... Read More »