Speak for me, speak for us: student reflects on her personal experience with hate

  Hate crimes are on the rise. This is apparent. Along with that comes the rise in discussion of a poem by pastor Martin Niemöller in response to the Nazis purging selected groups from Germany and Europe while German intellectuals remained silent. It is titled “First they came for,” for the refrain that remains consistent throughout the poem. Niemöller writes: ... Read More »

LC project Boreen tease new album at Smith Hall

  If you took a look at poster boards all over campus a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed a bunch of banana-covered posters advertising a show hosted by KLC featuring the bands Caution Crow, Strange Ranger and Boreen. If you missed this fantastic show (which unfortunately had no actual bananas), you should look out for these three bands ... Read More »

Women’s basketball loses in a heartbreaker to Puget Sound in the first round of the NWC Playoffs

  The Lewis & Clark Pioneers just couldn’t beat the Puget Sound Loggers at the Northwest Conference tournament semifinals at Memorial Fieldhouse on Thursday, Feb. 23. Although they led the very end of the game with 10 points and only 4:02 left on the clock, the Pios lost with a final score of 61-58. “It was an incredible basketball game. ... Read More »

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman delivers a life-affirming performance at Revolution Hall

I saw Jens Lekman play at a school auditorium, and I don’t think it could’ve happened anywhere else. This isn’t said out of a deterministic disposition; rather, I find it only fitting that someone who has taught me as much as Jens has should occupy the stage in what was ultimately the most enjoyable assembly I’ve ever taken part in. ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: Vaccinating College Students, Removing Exemptions

Vaccinating children and young adults remains a highly contentious issue throughout America.   In 1998, a revolutionary study linking vaccinations and childhood autism diagnoses was released in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet. Published by then-surgeon Andrew Wakefield, the study purported that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was directly linked to higher rates of autism diagnoses in ... Read More »

Students travel to Washington D.C. for J Street conference

Last weekend, a group of 32 Lewis & Clark students led by LC’s J Street U chapter coordinators Naomi Goldman-Nagel ’19, Jack Levin ’19 and Ellen Schwartz ’17 went to D.C. for the J Street national conference “Defending Our Values, Fighting For Our Future.” They sought to learn about the Israel-Palestine conflict and engage in political discussions with elders and ... Read More »

Trump’s Address To Congress: A promise for the future or a misguided string of claims?

Despite resounding support of Trump’s recent Congressional address, how strongly can we trust his positive claims for the future, especially with his actions up until this point? President Trump is not known for being a particularly gifted orator; what he lacks in speaking skill and personality he doubly makes up for in direct, offensive, and otherwise menacing jabs at his ... Read More »

The 1960s: a retrospective of the Pioneer Log

As the LC community deals with the consequences and actions of the Trump Presidency, it is important to look back in time, see how the community has dealt with political turbulence and how the Pioneer Log consistently sought to inform the student body to the best of its capability. The Pioneer Log in the 1960s offers an appropriate retrospective given ... Read More »

Artemis Alum Seraphie Allen Comes Back to Coach

  This year, Seraphie Allen has returned to Artemis as the new coach alongside Sara Stratton. Allen graduated from Lewis & Clark in 2015 with an English major and Gender Studies minor. Currently, Allen is working in the Portland Mayor’s Office as an assistant for policy community and affairs. Outside of work, Allen plays ultimate frisbee in the Portland area. ... Read More »