This Issue’s College Issues: How tenure can be used to protect controversial professors

Though professors are protected from unjust termination, administrative overreach plagues academia   As a staunch opponent to the educationally destructive institution of tenure, I rarely encounter news stories in which tenured professorship has indeed progressed the academic environment of a school.  Instead, news outlets frequently divulge the many aggravating horror stories related to the offering of unmonitored, nearly irreversible, guaranteed ... Read More »

Pioneers optimistic about final games

On Saturday, Oct. 22, the Lewis & Clark football team nearly pulled off their first win of the season against the Puget Sound Loggers. With an 11-point lead in the second quarter, the Pios were headed to victory until the Loggers had a 30-point streak by the end of the second quarter going into the third. Although the team did ... Read More »

Homecoming and Family Weekend Kick Off Friday

Lewis & Clark’s annual Homecoming and Family Weekend kicks off Oct. 28, with events and activities, shows, presentations and banquets for the LC community to enjoy throughout the weekend. According to the Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Tara McIrvin, as of Oct. 24 there were 1,516 people registered. Homecoming and Family Weekend was created in part to bring ... Read More »

Protesting Your Vote

The 2016 presidential election has been one of the most divisive and controversial campaign cycles in recent history. Many students and Lewis & Clark have expressed concern about the possibility of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States. Some LC students are so frustrated by the two candidates that they have decided not ... Read More »

A Poor-Mans Kendrick Lamar?

A Conversation Between My Roommate Andrew and I: “I don’t like albums that try to be so ambitious, you know? Like, I’ve even grown more skeptical of [Kendrick Lamar’s] To Pimp a Butterfly recently.” “But don’t you think he was mostly successful?” “Yes, but it’s so hard to pull that off. Not everyone is good enough do something that big” ... Read More »

Leave Danny Brown Alone

Asylums with doors open wide, Where people had paid to see inside, For entertainment they watch his body twist, Behind his eyes he says, ‘I still exist.’ – Joy Division, “Atrocity Exhibition” DANNY BROWN’S new album “Atrocity Exhibition” – name borrowed from a Joy Division song on the album Closer and J.G. Ballards surreal story collection – is perhaps the ... Read More »

Teaching Excellence Program receives recognition, grant from Mellon Foundation

This past summer, Lewis & Clark College received a $705,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the launching of a Teaching Excellence Program (TEP). This program will foster collaborations among faculty and encourage them to refine and share their teaching practices with fellow colleagues. Professor of Psychology Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, who served as LC’s Distinguished Teaching Consultant from ... Read More »

Bon Appetit loses approximately $10,000 a year on unreturned dishware; students suffer the cost

LEWIS & CLARK REPORTS tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year as $46,534. This excludes the price of meals, a room, textbooks and every other miscellaneous cost. For the same amount, someone could buy 2,932 haircuts, 17,693 gallons of gasoline and rent 35 apartments, according to Bank Rate’s price of living for the Portland area. Our tuition does not, however, buy dishware ... Read More »