GenEd committee reconsiders core classes for future students

THE LEWIS & CLARK Curriculum Committee is proactively working on reforming the General Education (GenEd) curriculum. The GenEd committee, a smaller subcommittee discussing these issues (SoGE), is stepping outside the box and contemplating what they want LC students to experience and learn during their time at LC. The GenEd classes at LC are the courses that teach content and intellectual skills ... Read More »

Fall Ball approaches, CAB books Crystal Ballroom for eighth year

THE FALLING OF the leaves signifies various annual traditions: pumpkin-carving, apple-picking and sweater-wearing, to just name a few. Among these traditions at Lewis & Clark is the Fall Ball. This year, the event will be held Oct. 22 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. at a highly sought-after venue, the Crystal Ballroom. Since its spring counterpart, Spring Fling, was replaced ... Read More »

Nation suffers from killer clown epidemic, struggles to control the virus of social media

Common fears are spread through social media outlets that take advantage of widespread coverage Social media is undoubtedly the newest form of disease plaguing our nation. The negative impact of social media upon humans of all ages is shocking, and only increases in severity with each new viral story that is shared. Rarely, if ever, are the positive effects of ... Read More »

LC starts Stamp Act for posters

POSTERS ARE ubiquitous on Lewis & Clark’s campus, from academic and faculty buildings like Templeton and Miller to residential halls. In most buildings, the Student Life Publicity Procedures and Freedom of Expression & Academic Inquiry Policy rules applied, which state that a poster must be a certain size, have the name of a LC sponsor on it, include a date ... Read More »

A Bold Step Forward

Bon Iver have redefined their sound in their latest album. “22, A Million” is a complete departure from Vernon’s heartbroken sound of “For Emma, Forever Ago” or the folksy and guitar laden sound of their self titled second record. If you expected a collection of tracks in the same vein of Bon Iver’s ubiquitous hit, “Skinny Love,” you’re not going ... Read More »

“Really Doe” track review

I’m not going to lie– when I first heard Danny Brown’s new track, I was more excited by the fact that Kendrick Lamar was featured on it for the duo’s first studio collaboration more than anything else. For the first couple seconds, which feature a frenetic, bell-filled, Black Milk-produced beat (think “Backseat Freestyle”), I was certain I was going be ... Read More »

Revisiting the legacy of American Football as the influential band returns with a new album

For a band with very little actual music, American Football’s impact is astounding. In 1995, Mike Kinsella and Steve Lamos, following the dissolution of their band The One Up Downstairs, started to jam together and write songs. About a year later, Steve Holmes joined the band on guitar, and along with Lamos on drums and Kinsella vocals and guitars, American ... Read More »

Preoccupations shed some grit on new, melodic self-titled LP

THE NEW Preoccupations record is disturbingly clean. After their billy club of a full-length in 2015, it seems as though the band have grown weary. In place of all the previous thunder and clanging, there’s now just a growing sense of unease and bitterness. Though the overdriven, primal tom thuds and the screeching 12-string warfare are no more, Preoccupations have ... Read More »

Police exhibit fails to Warrant attention

WHEN YOU THINK of the Portland Police Bureau, what comes to mind? People on horseback and Segway, riding around downtown patrolling for drug-use and public urination? Officers slowly walking up and down the Springwater Corridor Trail escorting homeless campers away from areas of public use? Or the hundreds of encounters, sometimes fatal, over the past few decades between officers and ... Read More »

Hoffman show “Open This End” blends new and old

TO WALK INTO THE Hoffman Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Open This End,” is to find oneself at a strange cocktail party, featuring almost exclusively the most significant names in post-modern and contemporary art. The exhibit, which will be on display through Dec 11, is comprised from the personal collection of Blake Byrne. When visiting a personal collection, it does one well ... Read More »