A preview of KLC radio’s annual “Sunburn”

By Brendan Nagle As the school year winds down, many Lewis & Clark students are desperate for something to relieve the stress of seven months of diligent school work. One last weekend of fun, before catastrophe strikes in the form of final exams. Luckily for them, KLC Radio’s year-end festival will return to LC! Sunburn will take place on Saturday, ... Read More »

Bathroom rights: NC shakeup

In response to commercial and religious pushback, North Carolina has repealed its infamously offensive “bathroom bill”, signalling a large step forward for the transgender community by Zack Johnson On Feb 26, 2016, the City Council of Charlotte, NC passed Ordinance 7056, a non-discrimination order banning the the discrimination of citizens based upon sexual orientation and gender identity within publicly owned ... Read More »

Protesters Clamor outside the Chapel

By Jonah Svihus Photo by Brady Antonelli On April 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. protesters, made up of both Lewis & Clark students and the broader Portland community, picketed the 55th International Affairs (IA) Symposium’s event “The Huddled Masses: Displacement in a Time of Crisis.” The IA Symposium Steering Committee received heavy criticism after inviting Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy ... Read More »

Inside, students and faculty engage Jessica Vaughan

By Hanna Merzbach Photo by Lexie Boren The evening debate,“The Huddled Masses: Displacement in a Time of Crisis,” held on April 11, the second day of the 55th Annual International Affairs (IA) Symposium, caused great controversy throughout the Lewis & Clark and greater Portland community. The debate brought to the stage Galya Ruffer, the founder of the Center of Forced ... Read More »

Frances Swanson Athlete Spotlight

Frances Swanson ’17 is an athlete who participates on both the track and cross-country teams. She has won many honors during her four years at Lewis & Clark. I sat down with her to learn about her life as a student athlete.   Zachary Lerman: What do you prefer to do more, Track or Cross Country? Why?   Frances Swanson: ... Read More »

Red Hot Chili Peppers concert review

The audience at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert is a lot like what I imagine the audience at a Trump rally would be: overwhelmingly white, with biker tattoos and facial hair in abundance. Ages ranged from indoctrinated children to people who had to consult their doctor before engaging in strenuous activities. “I’m excited too,” a middle aged man wearing ... Read More »