Pine Street Market Review

OPEN FOR breakfast, lunch and dinner, Pine Street Market is a trendy food hall with amazing options for all different tastes. The nine restaurants that are included in this marketplace range from tapas to korean barbeque, soft-serve ice cream, a juice bar, and everything in between. Originally built in 1866 as the Carriage and Baggage Building, it opened as a ... Read More »

Top five restaurants near the new Pio stop

1) Thanh-Long Restaurant and Bakery THANH-LONG Restaurant and Bakery is situated directly across the street from the Pio Stop. Along with its easy accessibility, this Vietnamese restaurant has the advantage of serving both to-go food and sit-down meals; students can choose between picking up a quick spring roll to-go or sitting down for a full meal likely consisting of Thanh-Long’s ... Read More »

Religious students on liberal campus find community

Religious LC students encounter misconceptions about religious identity This year, Lewis & Clark College was ranked number ten on the Princeton Review’s list of 20 colleges with the least religious student body. However, while they may be in the minority at LC, there are still many religious students from a variety of different backgrounds on campus. Dan Smith* is a ... Read More »

Malheur verdict not severe enough

Earlier this year, brothers Ammond and Ryan Bundy  were two of many militants who seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. They had occupied the land from Jan. 2 to Feb. 11 when officers made a final arrest. The group claimed their armed takeover of the land was to protest the federal ownership over the land, which ... Read More »

Stirring the pot: Marijuana legalization in Oregon and its surprising tax revenue

Tax revenue of marijuana exceeds expectations, but debatably translates to funding public schools The legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon has been a particularly interesting saga to follow.  Measure 91 passed in 2014, formally legalizing the usage of recreational marijuana and outlining standards for recreational cannabis cultivation for Oregonians over the age of 21.  Additionally, it placed a temporary tax ... Read More »

Elections Blues Playlist

Feeling blue? Check out our post-presidential election playlist. It may not be the antidote for the dreariness that has been 2016, but it might just help, even a little bit. Besides, at the end of the day, when was the last time you listened to Sam Cooke? Enjoy.   Read More »

ASLC update: Senate challenges new student storage procedures

LEWIS & CLARK’s student senate is still lacking a senior senator and a junior senator, and no one has stepped up to apply for either position. Thus, legislative drafts have been circulated to lower the class quorum to two senators per cohort. However, there is debate over whether two senators would be representative of each diverse class. Student Organizations Coordinator ... Read More »

Lewis & Clark hosted an event discussing the history and effects of Islamophobia in America.

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a growing issue in America, and has been largely exacerbated by this election cycle. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made troubling remarks about Islam, and there has been a nationwide rise in attacks and discrimination against Muslims. On Nov. 2, Lewis & Clark held a panel discussion on Islamophobia, titled “Confronting Islamophobia: examining the past, acknowledging ... Read More »