CDI: Culturally Engaging Campus Environments Survey

        The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) released its Culturally Engaging Campus Environments (CECE) Survey on Oct. 31. The survey will close on Dec. 7. The survey is designed to measure the inclusiveness and equity of campus environments. The survey serves to create dialogue that is centered on the things that matter most when serving diverse student populations, diagnose ... Read More »

USPS failed to deliver ballots on time, LC prioritized election mail

ABSENTEE VOTING can be a difficult process for college students. Often first-time voters, students have to navigate registering to vote, choosing whether or not to establish residency in Oregon or register in their home state and, of course, choosing who to vote for. On top of that, some students at Lewis & Clark struggled with getting their ballot on time. ... Read More »

Glassner signs open letter asking Trump to tone down rhetoric

Lewis & Clark President Barry Glassner and other college presidents signed a letter to President-elect Trump on Nov. 18. The signatories, totalling around 130 and still growing, urge Trump to “condemn and work to prevent the harassment, hate and acts of violence that are being perpetrated across our nation, sometimes in your [Trump’s] name, which is now synonymous with our ... Read More »

Lewis & Clark and Menstrual Products

Lewis & Clark lacks a comprehensive program to provide Feminine Hygiene Products on campus. The portion of the student body who menstruate are provided with inadequate, oftentimes non-functioning 25 cents per tampon machines in some bathrooms on campus. This dysfunctional system lacks a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of our student body as well as staff, teachers and visitors. ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Trying to target college students with alt-right rhetoric

  Alt-right leaders across the nation have started to use brainwashing tactics on college students   It takes a particularly selfish disregard for human well-being to not only promote false information, but to spread it while simultaneously equating it with truth. With an American citizenry willing to believe nearly anything from even mediocre relevant sources, the dissemination of false information ... Read More »

RHMS professor and student research assistant win Knower award for cardiac communication research

The Knower Award from the Interpersonal Division of the National Communication Association was awarded to Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies Daena Goldsmith and Lewis & Clark alumna Kelsey Domann-Scholz ’11 for their paper entitled “The Meanings of ‘Open Communication’ Among Couples Coping with a Cardiac Event.” Their research appeared in the 2013 Journal of Communication, volume 63. The Knower ... Read More »

Football Season Wrap-Up

On Nov. 12, the Lewis & Clark Football team capped off their season with a 53-20 loss against the Whitworth Pirates. Prior to the start of the game, two seniors were recognized for their contributions to the team: tight-end CJ Appleton ’17 and quarterback Niko Fortino ’17. Appleton is grateful for the opportunity he has had to play football. Appleton ... Read More »

Young Thug: The artist we all need

  In a year rife with monumental steps backwards in America, the rise of Young Thug has been one of our only saving graces. Seemingly put on this earth with the sole purpose of pushing every boundary he can, Jeffery Williams is providing hip-hop with a much-needed step forward. Despite its relative youth, hip-hop has one of the richest and ... Read More »

A Eulogy for Leonard Cohen

I want to touch people like a magician, to change them or hurt them, leave my brand, make them beautiful. – Leonard Cohen, A Favorite Game WHILE WORKING ON his final album, You Want it Darker, Cohen told an interviewer, “I don’t dare attach myself to a spiritual strategy. I don’t dare do that. I’ve got some work to do. ... Read More »