LC considers sanctuary status

ON NOV. 11, Professor of History and Director of Ethnic Studies Elliott Young created a petition to declare Lewis & Clark a sanctuary for undocumented people, which has over 1,500 signatures at the time of writing. Young got the idea after connecting with various immigration historians across the country. Colleges throughout the country have started petitions and declarations to become ... Read More »

Despite a pair of promising singles, D.R.A.M.’s debut studio album “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” disappoints

With any hit single comes the inevitable question of how to follow it up. This is the exact predicament oddball rapper/singer/dog-lover D.R.A.M. finds himself in on his debut album, “Big Baby D.R.A.M..” His double-platinum hit “Broccoli” was the indisputable song of the summer, and it shows no signs of slowing down now. The song finds D.R.A.M. and collaborator Lil Yachty ... Read More »

Artemis wins local tournament

Lewis & Clark’s Women Ultimate Frisbee Team, Artemis, had a successful home tournament on Nov. 5. LC played Reed College, University of Portland and Portland State and won all three games. To accommodate limited field time and space, each game was an hour long instead of capping them at the standard 13 points or 90 minutes. The Ultimate Frisbee team ... Read More »

Women’s rugby moves into Division II play

This season, Women’s Rugby has undergone a major change. Instead of competing in friendly local competitions as many club sports do, the women’s rugby team has moved into Division II. The team is now a part of the Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference. The shift has changed things for the team. “Now that we’re in a league, the teams that ... Read More »

Luc Lac: The Review

LOOKING FOR A great place to eat a warm bowl of noodle soup at an affordable price, and only a 10-minute walk from the Pio stop? If so, you must try Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen on 2nd and Taylor. Don’t be tempted by the hundreds of other Vietnamese restaurants in SW Portland – there’s a reason why people wait for ... Read More »