Race Monologues inspire reflection

In 2002, a group of Lewis & Clark students sought to create a space where students of color could, according to the Ray Warren Symposium website, “share their experiences and find an outlet for voicing them to the community. It was then that Race Monologues was born. First housed as part of the Gender Studies symposium in 2002, students of ... Read More »

Propped for change: Measure 97 takes on Oregon’s corporate taxes

Oregon’s Measure 97 proposes increased corporate sales taxes in order to fund social services, affecting multiple aspects of the local economy. Students may have heard mumblings about consumer sales taxes and potential employers moving out of state, alongside counterarguments of improved public school funding and minimal effect on their favorite small businesses. The text of the measure, according to ballotpedia.org, ... Read More »

Politics in the Classroom

“If we can’t have these conversations with peers and professors that we know and trust, how can we have them in the ‘real world?’” said Alec Ballweg ’18. when confronted with the issue of politics being discussed in the classroom when the course is not directly related to politics. As the election deadline has loomed closer and closer, some of ... Read More »

Renovations to ILC bring modern technology

The Keck Interactive Learning Center (ILC), formerly an underused language lab, has undergone renovations for the Fall 2016 and is now being advertised as a central academic asset for both international students and students studying foreign languages. Blair Orfall, the ILC Coordinator, talked about the reasoning behind the renovations. “Before the renovation, the ILC was an underused 1990s computer lab ... Read More »

Equity and Earth: 19th Annual Environmental Studies Symposium

Is there such thing as a natural disaster? Do certain populations suffer from environmental hazards more than others? These were some interesting inquiries explored during Lewis & Clark’s 19th Annual Environmental Studies (ENVS) Symposium from Oct. 18-20. This year’s theme was Equity and Earth: Intersections of Social Justice and Environment. The symposium explored the importance as well as the gaps ... Read More »

Waterfalls: Upper Bridal Veil Fall

Get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget! A mere mile up unassuming Palmer Mill Road lies one of the most spectacular falls in the whole Columbia River Gorge. Here, Bridal Veil Creek truly “veils” out over a massive wall of basalt, plunging nearly one hundred feet into a moss draped amphitheater. Despite its close proximity to famous, easy-two-access falls ... Read More »

Icelandic quartet Kaleo takes the Crystal Ballroom

IT IS A RITE OF passage for artists to struggle before achieving success in the music industry: traveling from city to city, staying in cheap motels and playing cheap venues with hopes of making it big. However, Icelandic four-piece Kaleo seemed to bypass this process entirely; Kaleo’s debut single “Way Down We Go” went straight to number one won Billboard’s ... Read More »

Obama’s musical legacy

I THINK IT IS OVER. The most recent typhoon of Buzzfeed articles, obnoxious blog posts, and other means of starry-eyed ill-educated virtual professions of admiration seem to have passed in the wake of Obama’s recently released workout playlist. Is everyone OK? It was a tough couple days for me as well. And to be frank I’m not entirely sure I ... Read More »