Football Season Wrap-Up

On Nov. 12, the Lewis & Clark Football team capped off their season with a 53-20 loss against the Whitworth Pirates. Prior to the start of the game, two seniors were recognized for their contributions to the team: tight-end CJ Appleton ’17 and quarterback Niko Fortino ’17. Appleton is grateful for the opportunity he has had to play football. Appleton ... Read More »

Young Thug: The artist we all need

  In a year rife with monumental steps backwards in America, the rise of Young Thug has been one of our only saving graces. Seemingly put on this earth with the sole purpose of pushing every boundary he can, Jeffery Williams is providing hip-hop with a much-needed step forward. Despite its relative youth, hip-hop has one of the richest and ... Read More »

A Eulogy for Leonard Cohen

I want to touch people like a magician, to change them or hurt them, leave my brand, make them beautiful. – Leonard Cohen, A Favorite Game WHILE WORKING ON his final album, You Want it Darker, Cohen told an interviewer, “I don’t dare attach myself to a spiritual strategy. I don’t dare do that. I’ve got some work to do. ... Read More »

South Fork Clackamas Falls: Cryptic Waterworks Ruins

Tucked away in the remote South Fork Clackamas River canyon lies a mystic wonderland of obscure ruins and high falls. Mysterious tunnels, drilled in the early 1900s for an Oregon City waterworks project, bypass several waterfalls.  Blasted through solid basalt cliffs, these tunnels add an intriguing element to this Indiana Jones-esque adventure. Three thundering falls lie in the immediate vicinity ... Read More »

He’s our president, but that does not mean we give up

  Donald Trump is my president. I oppose his views on trade, healthcare, global warming and immigration. I think that the rhetoric he used throughout the presidential campaign was blatantly racist, misogynistic and xenophobic. His comments about women’s’ bodies and admissions of sexual assault sicken me. But he is my president. In these weeks after Trump’s election, a rallying cry ... Read More »

Behind the scene: Acapella arrangement, an art in itself

All vocals and no instruments. Lewis & Clark’s four a cappella groups, Semper, Momo and the Coop, Section Line Drive and The Merryweathers are entirely student-led, from arrangement to performance. Students within groups collaborate to arrange songs and medleys. Usually, they vote on songs they’d like to sing. They either volunteer to arrange the music or take turns. Groups meet ... Read More »

Where do we go from here? Finishing 2016

“An analysis of the state of sociopolitical discourse after the 2016 election.”   The 2016 presidential election has been one of the most verbally charged elections in history. It also appears to have played a part in what modern American political discourse looks like. Before, the figure of “the racist distant relative you only see during holidays” and “Facebook friends ... Read More »

Off-campus houses handed down between generations of students offer history, havoc

Olde Country. The Destruction Zone. Lobo Lounge. To the untrained eye, these houses may seem entirely ordinary. But within their walls rest legacies and often debaucherous pasts. Off-campus houses have a history of being handed down from student to student, and as such have acquired their fair share of traditions and myths. Often these houses are passed down through sports ... Read More »

As official vote approaches, Professors Powers and Kosansky reflect on development of MENA minor

For Professors Paul Powers and Oren Kosansky, the process of getting a Middle East/North Africa Studies minor at Lewis & Clark started out as a casual conversation in the hallway. “It’s been brewing for some time. I’d say the roots of it go back to 2011, when Oren took up the charge to put together the new Morocco program. Once ... Read More »