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Fall 2018 Staff

The Pioneer Log contact email:


Althea Billings


Managing Editor

Natalie Rich


Business Manager

Alix Soliman

Editorial Staff


Amelia Eichel

Mackenzie Herring



Nic Nerli

Sydney Owada



Audrey Barret

Joanne Sally Mero



Alex Cohen

Brendan Nagle



Lauren Keegan

Tyler Short



Mo Macsai-Goren


Visual Arts Editors

Illustrations: Raya Deussen

Photography: Ray Freedman

Social Media and Web Manager

Anna DeSmet


  1. I am interested in continuing to write for the Pio Log this year covering sports, but am unsure of how to go about doing so. I wrote for the paper last year, but mainly communicated with Maddie Lee and Peter Melling, and as they are both gone I don’t know much about what to do going forward. I am going to be abroad in the Fall in Greece, but would love to write on either Non-LC sports or participate however I can in putting the paper together. This may not be the most effective method of conveying this, however I’m unsure who exactly to contact, so please let me know if there is a better option.

    John Trupin

    • Hi John,
      We would love to have you write for us in some capacity during your time abroad, if you could send an email to you can get in contact with our editor in chief and other sports writers.


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