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Bathroom rights: NC shakeup

In response to commercial and religious pushback, North Carolina has repealed its infamously offensive “bathroom bill”, signalling a large step forward for the transgender community by Zack Johnson On Feb 26, 2016, the City Council of Charlotte, NC passed Ordinance 7056, a non-discrimination order banning the the discrimination of citizens based upon sexual orientation and gender identity within publicly owned ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: A decline in international student college applications

To be an immigrant in any capacity within the United States has never been an easy undertaking. With the exclusion of perhaps the rich British bureaucrats that founded our nation, the concept of immigration has confused our nation for centuries. Our nation’s history is rooted deeply in the horrendous treatment of immigrants; for hundreds of years, with each new group ... Read More »

Predators awarded in entertainment

  Celebrities accused of sexual assault face little to no repercussions, and continue to be forgiven by audiences and other artists through the giving of awards and jobs. When the accusations began pouring out against Bill Cosby, detailing decades of rape and assault, the media was shaken. “America’s Dad,” as it turned out, had been drugging, assaulting and groping women ... Read More »

Reflecting on women’s history month

March is Women’s History Month, and even though March will be more than half over by the time this article is published, it is still a worthy topic. I am disappointed that I have not heard more about it over the years considering the importance of discussions about women’s rights. It was so under the radar this year that I ... Read More »

On and off-campus housing issues

As many students look for inexpensive places to live on and around campus, Campus Living does not make it any easier or affordable to find on-campus housing. With summer vacation quickly approaching, Lewis & Clark students are stuck between a rock and a hard place to find solutions to the housing problem on Palatine Hill. The campus housing representatives often ... Read More »

Overhaul of the American healthcare system threatens the progress made by the ACA

  The new Republican replacement for the ACA targets the elderly, women, and low-income Americans, and will have drastically negative effects upon the nation   The most lauded and simultaneously criticized aspect of President’s Obama’s eight years as president was undoubtedly The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. A sweeping overhaul of the American healthcare system, the ACA was ... Read More »

On transgender bathroom rights before G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board

The Supreme Court will hear a case in late March regarding the bathroom rights of transgender students throughout America. Their ruling may mirror many of the most important decisions our Court has made throughout American history The Supreme Court represents the most powerful judicial body in the United States.  Consequently, their rulings often embody questions of constitutionality upon the most ... Read More »

SEED seeks to promote LC divestment from fossil fuels

Divestment is the opposite of investment. The strategy was used to rein in tobacco companies, to dismantle apartheid in South Africa and now is being employed to weaken the fossil fuel industry. Instigated in 2011 by college students, the divestment from fossil fuels movement has now gained global momentum; inspiring not only colleges, but retirement funds, medical institutions, cities, individuals ... Read More »