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Art is Vital to Activism, Progress

  The day after the inauguration, Lewis & Clark hosted a teach-in session on the presence of art in times of social activism. The presence of music during the social reforms of India during the 1950s-1960s, the solitary genius vs. the artistic collective, as well as the importance of solidarity and art made by those affected by prejudice were all ... Read More »

Executive Orders Show Flaws in the System

  For the last couple of weeks, we have been stormed by images of the newly elected President Donald Trump signing executive orders flanked by his white and male council. For many, this image represents stability. For me, it is just terrifying. If we go back to the tradition of executive orders, we find that it is customary for a ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Free tuition and the promise of a four-year college education

In the first 2017 installment of his column, Zack Johnson tackles the issue of tuition-free college   Last year, when the state legislature passed the Oregon Promise, solidifying free community college for all graduating high school students, the initiative was touted as a revolutionary measure supporting young adults in continuing their secondary educational pursuits. The minimum requirements of the Oregon ... Read More »

Protesting Fascism: As resistance continues, safety becomes important

“The fight against fascism continues as protests against Trump and his policies take place here and abroad.” The year 2017 is only a month old and already we have seen massive protests of Donald Trump’s administrative policies. The Women’s March, conducted both here and around the world, has been classified as the largest protest in American history as stated by ... Read More »

Trump Supreme Court nominee worth a fair trial, is a classic conservative judicial voice

  When Associate Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last February, he left behind an impressively conservative — nonetheless consistent — court record.  He sat on the Supreme Court for nearly thirty years, and during his tenure solidified himself as a strong, constitutionally traditionalist force on the bench. Scalia’s death was both unexpected and sudden, and essentially thrust the Supreme Court ... Read More »

Lewis & Clark and Menstrual Products

Lewis & Clark lacks a comprehensive program to provide Feminine Hygiene Products on campus. The portion of the student body who menstruate are provided with inadequate, oftentimes non-functioning 25 cents per tampon machines in some bathrooms on campus. This dysfunctional system lacks a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of our student body as well as staff, teachers and visitors. ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Trying to target college students with alt-right rhetoric

  Alt-right leaders across the nation have started to use brainwashing tactics on college students   It takes a particularly selfish disregard for human well-being to not only promote false information, but to spread it while simultaneously equating it with truth. With an American citizenry willing to believe nearly anything from even mediocre relevant sources, the dissemination of false information ... Read More »

He’s our president, but that does not mean we give up

  Donald Trump is my president. I oppose his views on trade, healthcare, global warming and immigration. I think that the rhetoric he used throughout the presidential campaign was blatantly racist, misogynistic and xenophobic. His comments about women’s’ bodies and admissions of sexual assault sicken me. But he is my president. In these weeks after Trump’s election, a rallying cry ... Read More »

Where do we go from here? Finishing 2016

“An analysis of the state of sociopolitical discourse after the 2016 election.”   The 2016 presidential election has been one of the most verbally charged elections in history. It also appears to have played a part in what modern American political discourse looks like. Before, the figure of “the racist distant relative you only see during holidays” and “Facebook friends ... Read More »