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On and off-campus housing issues

As many students look for inexpensive places to live on and around campus, Campus Living does not make it any easier or affordable to find on-campus housing. With summer vacation quickly approaching, Lewis & Clark students are stuck between a rock and a hard place to find solutions to the housing problem on Palatine Hill. The campus housing representatives often ... Read More »

2015 A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize winner Derrick Austin reads at Manor House

  During his poetry reading at the Manor House on March 15, Derrick Austin revealed himself to be an incredibly approachable, friendly guy. He demonstrated his humor and wit, as well as his thoughtfulness in many side-notes and tangents, in addition to the complex observations about life that come alive in his poetry. In the Foreword of his debut collection ... Read More »

Portland’s Resistance leader Gregory McKelvey on activism in the Trump era

In the wake of  the Trump election, Portland’s Resistance aims to connect the new anti-Trump movement with those who have already been working towards social justice. Beginning as a Facebook page created by Lewis & Clark Law student Gregory McKelvey two days after the election, Portland’s Resistance (now with upwards of 20,600 likes) was borne out of several days of ... Read More »

In the Cascade foothills, find a veritable waterfall wonderland

Nestled in a densely forested region of the Cascade foothills, lies a waterfall wonderland! Here, in Silver Falls State Park, the North and South Forks of Silver Creek plummet over ten  deafening falls that can all be reached in one loop hike. This “Trail of Ten Falls”  passes a seemingly never ending series of striking falls, each one so different ... Read More »

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman delivers a life-affirming performance at Revolution Hall

I saw Jens Lekman play at a school auditorium, and I don’t think it could’ve happened anywhere else. This isn’t said out of a deterministic disposition; rather, I find it only fitting that someone who has taught me as much as Jens has should occupy the stage in what was ultimately the most enjoyable assembly I’ve ever taken part in. ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: Vaccinating College Students, Removing Exemptions

Vaccinating children and young adults remains a highly contentious issue throughout America.   In 1998, a revolutionary study linking vaccinations and childhood autism diagnoses was released in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet. Published by then-surgeon Andrew Wakefield, the study purported that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was directly linked to higher rates of autism diagnoses in ... Read More »

Vince Staples commands crowd on his Life Aquatic-themed tour

I could not help but wonder, on the way to the venue, how the hell “Life Aquatic” would be incorporated into a Vince Staples concert. Like, the Wes Anderson movie? Bill Murray rocking the cool blue jumpsuit? Portuguese singers in burnt orange beanies? That Life Aquatic? Vince Staples, rapper from Long Beach, Calif., is most known for his simultaneously graphic ... Read More »

Spring Transfers Adjust to Campus

For most Lewis & Clark students, the beginning of Spring semester represents a return to routine, a chance to see familiar faces around campus once again. Yet for 15 transfer students, the start of Spring 2017 marked a beginning. These students came into LC mid-year, making the transition to campus and academic life with very little orientation. In fact, because ... Read More »

Family, honor and justice collide in LC mainstage Antigonick, modern adaptation of Sophocles tragedy

“What is a nick?” Antigone. Perhaps you read it in a high school English class. Maybe you read it for E&D during your first year. Many are familiar with the tale of the defiant sister, who breaks her future father-in-law’s edict in a show of true piety and love for her brother. The play’s themes of refusal to bend to ... Read More »