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Adventures Abroad: Dublin pubs and alternative humor

Dubliners have a unique way of interacting with strangers: they f**k with them. It’s often a sort of jeering friendliness, a disingenuous niceness that seems a little off. They’re not necessarily being malicious. They just find your disarmed confusion incredibly amusing. One particularly memorable example happened early in the semester. A small group of people from the Lewis & Clark ... Read More »

Portland’s Resistance leader Gregory McKelvey on activism in the Trump era

In the wake of  the Trump election, Portland’s Resistance aims to connect the new anti-Trump movement with those who have already been working towards social justice. Beginning as a Facebook page created by Lewis & Clark Law student Gregory McKelvey two days after the election, Portland’s Resistance (now with upwards of 20,600 likes) was borne out of several days of ... Read More »

In the Cascade foothills, find a veritable waterfall wonderland

Nestled in a densely forested region of the Cascade foothills, lies a waterfall wonderland! Here, in Silver Falls State Park, the North and South Forks of Silver Creek plummet over ten  deafening falls that can all be reached in one loop hike. This “Trail of Ten Falls”  passes a seemingly never ending series of striking falls, each one so different ... Read More »

Spring Transfers Adjust to Campus

For most Lewis & Clark students, the beginning of Spring semester represents a return to routine, a chance to see familiar faces around campus once again. Yet for 15 transfer students, the start of Spring 2017 marked a beginning. These students came into LC mid-year, making the transition to campus and academic life with very little orientation. In fact, because ... Read More »

Professor Greta Binford and Julie Oatfield ’17 travel to Costa Rica to study arachnid morphology

While many students and faculty spent their winter break relaxing with family and friends, Biology Professor Greta Binford and Julie Oatfield ’17 were in Costa Rica, studying arachnids with a group of professors and students from around the world Binford and Oatfield were studying on a program put on by the Organization for Tropical Studies, a consortium based in Costa ... Read More »

Latourell Falls Loop: The more you look, the more you see

As the first major fall on the Historic Columbia River Highway, Latourell Falls provides a stunning welcome for first-time visitors. Here, Latourell Creek pours off a sky high slab of layered basalt in a towering and elegant plunge. The sheer size of the basalt cliff that surrounds the falls rises to cathedral-like proportions and embraces awestruck visitors. Colorful lichens adorn ... Read More »