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Abiqua Falls: By All Means

Beautiful at any flow — stunning in full throat, Abiqua Falls is a place of wonder. No words can describe the glorious scene that unfolds as one enters the falls’ majestic basalt amphitheater. Abiqua Creek pours in picture-perfect fashion, plunging nearly 100 feet into an expansive pool. Not only are the falls stunning – the surroundings are overwhelming. Abiqua Falls ... Read More »

Interim President David Ellis talks career path, transitions, and the road ahead in his new role

On January 17, the Provost’s Office sent out an email to the LC community, explaining that President Barry Glassner had stepped down from his role, effective immediately. The email quoted Glassner’s desire to “focus his time and attention on his writing and his role as a public intellectual,” as the reason that he was stepping down so suddenly. For perspective, ... Read More »

Undocumented Students

Freedom University students give a seminar on experience and the undocumented student movement On Jan. 24, during Martin Luther King, Jr. Week, speakers from Freedom University, an underground school in the southern freedom tradition of achieving social and political quality, came to Lewis and Clark for a workshop on building awareness and organizing change in support of undocumented students across ... Read More »

RHMS professor and student research assistant win Knower award for cardiac communication research

The Knower Award from the Interpersonal Division of the National Communication Association was awarded to Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies Daena Goldsmith and Lewis & Clark alumna Kelsey Domann-Scholz ’11 for their paper entitled “The Meanings of ‘Open Communication’ Among Couples Coping with a Cardiac Event.” Their research appeared in the 2013 Journal of Communication, volume 63. The Knower ... Read More »

South Fork Clackamas Falls: Cryptic Waterworks Ruins

Tucked away in the remote South Fork Clackamas River canyon lies a mystic wonderland of obscure ruins and high falls. Mysterious tunnels, drilled in the early 1900s for an Oregon City waterworks project, bypass several waterfalls.  Blasted through solid basalt cliffs, these tunnels add an intriguing element to this Indiana Jones-esque adventure. Three thundering falls lie in the immediate vicinity ... Read More »

Behind the scene: Acapella arrangement, an art in itself

All vocals and no instruments. Lewis & Clark’s four a cappella groups, Semper, Momo and the Coop, Section Line Drive and The Merryweathers are entirely student-led, from arrangement to performance. Students within groups collaborate to arrange songs and medleys. Usually, they vote on songs they’d like to sing. They either volunteer to arrange the music or take turns. Groups meet ... Read More »

Off-campus houses handed down between generations of students offer history, havoc

Olde Country. The Destruction Zone. Lobo Lounge. To the untrained eye, these houses may seem entirely ordinary. But within their walls rest legacies and often debaucherous pasts. Off-campus houses have a history of being handed down from student to student, and as such have acquired their fair share of traditions and myths. Often these houses are passed down through sports ... Read More »

As official vote approaches, Professors Powers and Kosansky reflect on development of MENA minor

For Professors Paul Powers and Oren Kosansky, the process of getting a Middle East/North Africa Studies minor at Lewis & Clark started out as a casual conversation in the hallway. “It’s been brewing for some time. I’d say the roots of it go back to 2011, when Oren took up the charge to put together the new Morocco program. Once ... Read More »

Religious students on liberal campus find community

Religious LC students encounter misconceptions about religious identity This year, Lewis & Clark College was ranked number ten on the Princeton Review’s list of 20 colleges with the least religious student body. However, while they may be in the minority at LC, there are still many religious students from a variety of different backgrounds on campus. Dan Smith* is a ... Read More »