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2015 A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize winner Derrick Austin reads at Manor House

  During his poetry reading at the Manor House on March 15, Derrick Austin revealed himself to be an incredibly approachable, friendly guy. He demonstrated his humor and wit, as well as his thoughtfulness in many side-notes and tangents, in addition to the complex observations about life that come alive in his poetry. In the Foreword of his debut collection ... Read More »

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  Rodin: The Human Experience Now through Sunday April 16, Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park Ave “The Portland Art Museum is pleased to present Rodin: The Human Experience—Selections from the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Collections, an exhibition of 52 bronzes by the groundbreaking French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The exhibition, which opens January 21, 2017, is being staged in ... Read More »

LC alum Brian Lindstrom talks making movies, community and changing identity

Brian Lindstrom, a Portland native, Lewis & Clark graduate, and prominent cinéma vérité filmmaker recently returned to his old campus for a screening of his work, “Finding Normal,” a film exploring drug use and rehabilitation in the Portland area. The Pioneer Log interviewed him, along with friend and significant figure in the movie, David Fitzgerald, on life, the role of ... Read More »

LC project Boreen tease new album at Smith Hall

  If you took a look at poster boards all over campus a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed a bunch of banana-covered posters advertising a show hosted by KLC featuring the bands Caution Crow, Strange Ranger and Boreen. If you missed this fantastic show (which unfortunately had no actual bananas), you should look out for these three bands ... Read More »

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman delivers a life-affirming performance at Revolution Hall

I saw Jens Lekman play at a school auditorium, and I don’t think it could’ve happened anywhere else. This isn’t said out of a deterministic disposition; rather, I find it only fitting that someone who has taught me as much as Jens has should occupy the stage in what was ultimately the most enjoyable assembly I’ve ever taken part in. ... Read More »

Vince Staples commands crowd on his Life Aquatic-themed tour

I could not help but wonder, on the way to the venue, how the hell “Life Aquatic” would be incorporated into a Vince Staples concert. Like, the Wes Anderson movie? Bill Murray rocking the cool blue jumpsuit? Portuguese singers in burnt orange beanies? That Life Aquatic? Vince Staples, rapper from Long Beach, Calif., is most known for his simultaneously graphic ... Read More »

New LP finds Dirty Projectors embrace heartbreak, weirdness

  If it’s generally seen as a presumptuous or self-aggrandizing move to repurpose the name of the band that achieved relative stardom through the combined talents of you and your ex for your own dizzyingly incendiary (and emphatically solo) breakup album, nobody told Dave Longstreth. This is far from an affront, however—by channeling his seemingly effortless capacity for writing and ... Read More »

Family, honor and justice collide in LC mainstage Antigonick, modern adaptation of Sophocles tragedy

“What is a nick?” Antigone. Perhaps you read it in a high school English class. Maybe you read it for E&D during your first year. Many are familiar with the tale of the defiant sister, who breaks her future father-in-law’s edict in a show of true piety and love for her brother. The play’s themes of refusal to bend to ... Read More »

English trio The Staves bring their captivating, harmony-filled folk music to Wonder Ballroom

  I discovered The Staves, an English folk-rock sister trio, earlier this year through a documentary they were featured in: “Austin to Boston.” This film followed four bands (The Staves, Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff and Bear’s Den) on a two-week-long tour in which they traveled across the country in five vintage VW camper vans. Although I do not define myself ... Read More »

Mac DeMarco releases new songs, but is he a different beast, or the same old dog?

Recently and without much fanfare, everyone’s favorite gap-toothed indie rocker Mac DeMarco released two tracks off his forthcoming album This Old Dog (out May 5). Titled “My Old Man” and “This Old Dog,” each is a glimpse into DeMarco’s changing lifestyle: the first demos of the tracks were finished just as he moved from New York to Los Angeles. Unlike ... Read More »