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Bathroom rights: NC shakeup

In response to commercial and religious pushback, North Carolina has repealed its infamously offensive “bathroom bill”, signalling a large step forward for the transgender community by Zack Johnson On Feb 26, 2016, the City Council of Charlotte, NC passed Ordinance 7056, a non-discrimination order banning the the discrimination of citizens based upon sexual orientation and gender identity within publicly owned ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: A decline in international student college applications

To be an immigrant in any capacity within the United States has never been an easy undertaking. With the exclusion of perhaps the rich British bureaucrats that founded our nation, the concept of immigration has confused our nation for centuries. Our nation’s history is rooted deeply in the horrendous treatment of immigrants; for hundreds of years, with each new group ... Read More »

Overhaul of the American healthcare system threatens the progress made by the ACA

  The new Republican replacement for the ACA targets the elderly, women, and low-income Americans, and will have drastically negative effects upon the nation   The most lauded and simultaneously criticized aspect of President’s Obama’s eight years as president was undoubtedly The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. A sweeping overhaul of the American healthcare system, the ACA was ... Read More »

On transgender bathroom rights before G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board

The Supreme Court will hear a case in late March regarding the bathroom rights of transgender students throughout America. Their ruling may mirror many of the most important decisions our Court has made throughout American history The Supreme Court represents the most powerful judicial body in the United States.  Consequently, their rulings often embody questions of constitutionality upon the most ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: Vaccinating College Students, Removing Exemptions

Vaccinating children and young adults remains a highly contentious issue throughout America.   In 1998, a revolutionary study linking vaccinations and childhood autism diagnoses was released in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet. Published by then-surgeon Andrew Wakefield, the study purported that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was directly linked to higher rates of autism diagnoses in ... Read More »

Trump’s Address To Congress: A promise for the future or a misguided string of claims?

Despite resounding support of Trump’s recent Congressional address, how strongly can we trust his positive claims for the future, especially with his actions up until this point? President Trump is not known for being a particularly gifted orator; what he lacks in speaking skill and personality he doubly makes up for in direct, offensive, and otherwise menacing jabs at his ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issue: Religious freedom at LC

With recent religiously motivated attacks occurring on college campuses across the nation, we must maintain the tolerance currently practiced at LC Religious affiliation is, at its finest, one of the strongest uniting forces in many communities throughout the world.  In its darkest and most confused state, however, it plagues our Earth with hate, genocide and holocaust. In many areas of ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Free tuition and the promise of a four-year college education

In the first 2017 installment of his column, Zack Johnson tackles the issue of tuition-free college   Last year, when the state legislature passed the Oregon Promise, solidifying free community college for all graduating high school students, the initiative was touted as a revolutionary measure supporting young adults in continuing their secondary educational pursuits. The minimum requirements of the Oregon ... Read More »

Trump Supreme Court nominee worth a fair trial, is a classic conservative judicial voice

  When Associate Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last February, he left behind an impressively conservative — nonetheless consistent — court record.  He sat on the Supreme Court for nearly thirty years, and during his tenure solidified himself as a strong, constitutionally traditionalist force on the bench. Scalia’s death was both unexpected and sudden, and essentially thrust the Supreme Court ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Trying to target college students with alt-right rhetoric

  Alt-right leaders across the nation have started to use brainwashing tactics on college students   It takes a particularly selfish disregard for human well-being to not only promote false information, but to spread it while simultaneously equating it with truth. With an American citizenry willing to believe nearly anything from even mediocre relevant sources, the dissemination of false information ... Read More »