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This Issue’s College Issues: Free tuition and the promise of a four-year college education

In the first 2017 installment of his column, Zack Johnson tackles the issue of tuition-free college   Last year, when the state legislature passed the Oregon Promise, solidifying free community college for all graduating high school students, the initiative was touted as a revolutionary measure supporting young adults in continuing their secondary educational pursuits. The minimum requirements of the Oregon ... Read More »

Trump Supreme Court nominee worth a fair trial, is a classic conservative judicial voice

  When Associate Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last February, he left behind an impressively conservative — nonetheless consistent — court record.  He sat on the Supreme Court for nearly thirty years, and during his tenure solidified himself as a strong, constitutionally traditionalist force on the bench. Scalia’s death was both unexpected and sudden, and essentially thrust the Supreme Court ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: Trying to target college students with alt-right rhetoric

  Alt-right leaders across the nation have started to use brainwashing tactics on college students   It takes a particularly selfish disregard for human well-being to not only promote false information, but to spread it while simultaneously equating it with truth. With an American citizenry willing to believe nearly anything from even mediocre relevant sources, the dissemination of false information ... Read More »

Stirring the pot: Marijuana legalization in Oregon and its surprising tax revenue

Tax revenue of marijuana exceeds expectations, but debatably translates to funding public schools The legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon has been a particularly interesting saga to follow.  Measure 91 passed in 2014, formally legalizing the usage of recreational marijuana and outlining standards for recreational cannabis cultivation for Oregonians over the age of 21.  Additionally, it placed a temporary tax ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: The Perpetuation of Student Censorship on college campuses

How writing for student publications can lead to unintended censorship due to strict AP style rules   Writing for the Pioneer Log has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.  Having written briefly for my previous university’s student newspaper — the University of San Francisco Foghorn — and been treated like a dumpster of poop ... Read More »

This Issue’s College Issues: How tenure can be used to protect controversial professors

Though professors are protected from unjust termination, administrative overreach plagues academia   As a staunch opponent to the educationally destructive institution of tenure, I rarely encounter news stories in which tenured professorship has indeed progressed the academic environment of a school.  Instead, news outlets frequently divulge the many aggravating horror stories related to the offering of unmonitored, nearly irreversible, guaranteed ... Read More »

This Issues College Issues: College Athletes and Compensation

SHOULD COLLEGE ATHLETES be financially compensated for their incredibly profitable contributions to college sports programs? This is an argument that has endured throughout the last 30 years and little has been done to provide a cooperative resolution. Recently, the Supreme Court denied hearing an appeals case regarding a group of collegiate athletes requesting compensation for the commercialized use of their names ... Read More »

Nation suffers from killer clown epidemic, struggles to control the virus of social media

Common fears are spread through social media outlets that take advantage of widespread coverage Social media is undoubtedly the newest form of disease plaguing our nation. The negative impact of social media upon humans of all ages is shocking, and only increases in severity with each new viral story that is shared. Rarely, if ever, are the positive effects of ... Read More »