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Predators awarded in entertainment

  Celebrities accused of sexual assault face little to no repercussions, and continue to be forgiven by audiences and other artists through the giving of awards and jobs. When the accusations began pouring out against Bill Cosby, detailing decades of rape and assault, the media was shaken. “America’s Dad,” as it turned out, had been drugging, assaulting and groping women ... Read More »

USPS failed to deliver ballots on time, LC prioritized election mail

ABSENTEE VOTING can be a difficult process for college students. Often first-time voters, students have to navigate registering to vote, choosing whether or not to establish residency in Oregon or register in their home state and, of course, choosing who to vote for. On top of that, some students at Lewis & Clark struggled with getting their ballot on time. ... Read More »

Off-campus houses handed down between generations of students offer history, havoc

Olde Country. The Destruction Zone. Lobo Lounge. To the untrained eye, these houses may seem entirely ordinary. But within their walls rest legacies and often debaucherous pasts. Off-campus houses have a history of being handed down from student to student, and as such have acquired their fair share of traditions and myths. Often these houses are passed down through sports ... Read More »

As official vote approaches, Professors Powers and Kosansky reflect on development of MENA minor

For Professors Paul Powers and Oren Kosansky, the process of getting a Middle East/North Africa Studies minor at Lewis & Clark started out as a casual conversation in the hallway. “It’s been brewing for some time. I’d say the roots of it go back to 2011, when Oren took up the charge to put together the new Morocco program. Once ... Read More »

Lewis & Clark hosted an event discussing the history and effects of Islamophobia in America.

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a growing issue in America, and has been largely exacerbated by this election cycle. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made troubling remarks about Islam, and there has been a nationwide rise in attacks and discrimination against Muslims. On Nov. 2, Lewis & Clark held a panel discussion on Islamophobia, titled “Confronting Islamophobia: examining the past, acknowledging ... Read More »

LC Production of “Much Ado About Nothing” is Nothing but a Delight

Lewis & Clark’s mainstage production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is an enjoyable 1940’s twist on the classic romantic comedy, but with strong undercurrents of real societal problems. Set at the end of World War II, the return a triumphant battalion of American soldiers sets the plot in motion at Leonata’s (Hannah Prutton) house. Captain Pedro, played by Thomas ... Read More »

Renovations to ILC bring modern technology

The Keck Interactive Learning Center (ILC), formerly an underused language lab, has undergone renovations for the Fall 2016 and is now being advertised as a central academic asset for both international students and students studying foreign languages. Blair Orfall, the ILC Coordinator, talked about the reasoning behind the renovations. “Before the renovation, the ILC was an underused 1990s computer lab ... Read More »

Students with Synesthesia

Duke Ellington. Mary J. Blige. Billy Joel. Vladimir Nabokov. Marilyn Monroe. Vincent Van Gogh. Hans Zimmer. What do these famous artists, musicians, actresses and writers have in common? They all have or had synesthesia. Synesthesia is defined as a neurological condition wherein “stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive ... Read More »