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Inside, students and faculty engage Jessica Vaughan

By Hanna Merzbach Photo by Lexie Boren The evening debate,“The Huddled Masses: Displacement in a Time of Crisis,” held on April 11, the second day of the 55th Annual International Affairs (IA) Symposium, caused great controversy throughout the Lewis & Clark and greater Portland community. The debate brought to the stage Galya Ruffer, the founder of the Center of Forced ... Read More »

LC Gender studies department hosts symposium, Point of Access

From March 8 through 10, Lewis  & Clark held its 36th annual Gender Studies Symposium. This year, it was titled “Point of Access” and sought to examine the dynamics of resource distribution dynamics, regarding how some people are prioritized over others in society based on gender and sexuality. Students, faculty, staff, scholars and artists came together to participate in the ... Read More »

ASLC Senate

In their meeting held on March 2, the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) welcomed the student representative to the presidential search committee, Tiffany Farmer ’18. Farmer is the only student on the search committee and is responsible for representing the voice of the student body. “I want everyone to help me figure out what the future of Lewis ... Read More »

English trio The Staves bring their captivating, harmony-filled folk music to Wonder Ballroom

  I discovered The Staves, an English folk-rock sister trio, earlier this year through a documentary they were featured in: “Austin to Boston.” This film followed four bands (The Staves, Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff and Bear’s Den) on a two-week-long tour in which they traveled across the country in five vintage VW camper vans. Although I do not define myself ... Read More »

Constructing Identity Exhibit

After witnessing the first month of 2017, it was made brutally obvious that this year, and the years to come, will focus on issues of identity. From the historic post-inaugural Women’s March to the shocking Muslim ban, identities are being questioned and redefined like never before. The Portland Art Museum has chosen to address this issue head on: the first ... Read More »

Top five restaurants near the new Pio stop

1) Thanh-Long Restaurant and Bakery THANH-LONG Restaurant and Bakery is situated directly across the street from the Pio Stop. Along with its easy accessibility, this Vietnamese restaurant has the advantage of serving both to-go food and sit-down meals; students can choose between picking up a quick spring roll to-go or sitting down for a full meal likely consisting of Thanh-Long’s ... Read More »

Icelandic quartet Kaleo takes the Crystal Ballroom

IT IS A RITE OF passage for artists to struggle before achieving success in the music industry: traveling from city to city, staying in cheap motels and playing cheap venues with hopes of making it big. However, Icelandic four-piece Kaleo seemed to bypass this process entirely; Kaleo’s debut single “Way Down We Go” went straight to number one won Billboard’s ... Read More »

Students and community members practice on rare Javanese gamelan percussion set

LIKE MOST OF Lewis & Clark’s departments, the Music Department encompasses a range of diverse classes. Among them is a class focused on the gamelan. Hailing from Indonesia, specifically Java and Bali, gamelan is an orchestra-like ensemble that incorporates a range of tuned percussion instruments, varying from hanging gongs to xylophone-like instruments. Gamelan is different from other ensembles in that the ... Read More »