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Quiz of LC!

In honor of LC’s 150th anniversary and the Pioneer Log’s 75th birthday, the Backdoor humbly presents a look back at Lewis & Clark’s history. How well do you know the college? Let’s find out! What was the previous name of Lewis & Clark College? Lewis Albany Quadrangle What? Previous name of what…? Phoenix University Stanford Univer— ha just kidding. You ... Read More »

LC’s in debt yo!

WHAT HAPPENED — Lewis & Clark College, the second best small liberal arts college in Portland Oregon, is in debt. Several reasons caused this unfortunate situation for the school, including, the rising cost of streamers for student clubs, the purchase of a grotesquely expensive and sometimes functional printer for Watzek and the ineffectual leadership of LC’s administrators and President for ... Read More »

“Process” shows why Sampha is the artist everyone wants to work with

Sampha’s Process is a wonderful album. It’s a mix of intertwining sounds, thoughts and feelings — a kaleidoscopic record of slick R&B production, lachrymose piano melodies and heartbreaking loss, with the unifying falsetto of Sampha’s voice tying the whole project together. It’s of little wonder musical diversity is his greatest gift, as Sampha has marked his career as a beatmaker, ... Read More »

Elections Blues Playlist

Feeling blue? Check out our post-presidential election playlist. It may not be the antidote for the dreariness that has been 2016, but it might just help, even a little bit. Besides, at the end of the day, when was the last time you listened to Sam Cooke? Enjoy.   Read More »

Barry Glassner Unveils New Spotify Playlist with Pioneer Log

‘The Boss’ goes digital, hand picks songs from his musical archive   IN OUR MINDS, there remains a key issue missing from the ‘Meet Barry Glassner’ page found on LC’s website. We are presented with a list of accomplishments, dates, facts and figures, yet nothing of Mr. Glassner’s musical tastes. As natural curators of all things art — well, we ... Read More »