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Grammys hit a sour note with controversial choices

In terms of Things-Someone-Doesn’t-Want-to-Hear-After-They’ve-Given-an-Award- Away, “I can’t possibly accept this award,” is in the top three, after only “F*ck you, man,” and “I never actually applied, so…” Yet this is what Adele said in her acceptance speech after winning Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammy Award Show on Feb. 12. She goes on to say that the “artist ... Read More »

Dear President Obama

Dear President Barack Obama, The first time you were elected in 2008, I was ten, fat and playing Mario on my DS while red and blue flashed on the television. You were also younger, with dramatically fewer gray hairs. My dad stopped me because the moment of your election was “a historical moment” I would remember for the rest of ... Read More »

Bon Appetit loses approximately $10,000 a year on unreturned dishware; students suffer the cost

LEWIS & CLARK REPORTS tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year as $46,534. This excludes the price of meals, a room, textbooks and every other miscellaneous cost. For the same amount, someone could buy 2,932 haircuts, 17,693 gallons of gasoline and rent 35 apartments, according to Bank Rate’s price of living for the Portland area. Our tuition does not, however, buy dishware ... Read More »