The pitfalls of the Districts’ “Popular Manipulation”

By Micael Lonergan Full disclosure: I am unapologetically sympathetic to The Districts. My investment in the Pennsylvania four-piece followed close behind the 2012 release of their second EP While You Were in Honesdale, and while they have yet to return to the acoustic tone of those three tracks, they have remained my best-loved band for five consecutive years (which might be ... Read More »

Pitchfork Music Festival, I love you, but you’re freaking me out

As a 20 year-old, there aren’t many contexts in which I feel entitled to speak authoritatively about the “old days.” This is undoubtedly for the best; even people who do have that privilege end up sounding like assholes most of the time. If any such opportunity did exist for myself, however, it would be when discussing Pitchfork Music Festival. This ... Read More »

Katherine Dunn, author of “Geek Love” exhibit on display in Watzek, includes fan response to novel

The new exhibit in Watzek Library on the award-winning author Katherine Dunn is anything but ordinary, which is probably how Dunn would have wanted it to be. Dunn’s career-starting novel Geek Love, published in 1989, is centered around Portland and more specifically a nostalgia for an older, grittier Portland that continues to disappear as the city becomes increasingly gentrified. The ... Read More »

Japandroids’ Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Review

  Undoubtedly, Japandroids ignored the narrative surrounding the trajectory of modern indie rock. After a decade that found nearly every music publication running a “hot take” on the death of rock, or at least guitar-centric music, the Vancouver-duo put out successive albums Post-Nothing (2009) and Celebration Rock (2012) that worshipped the lamented era of rock superstardom. Their larger-than-life anthemic songs ... Read More »