Japandroids’ Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Review

  Undoubtedly, Japandroids ignored the narrative surrounding the trajectory of modern indie rock. After a decade that found nearly every music publication running a “hot take” on the death of rock, or at least guitar-centric music, the Vancouver-duo put out successive albums Post-Nothing (2009) and Celebration Rock (2012) that worshipped the lamented era of rock superstardom. Their larger-than-life anthemic songs ... Read More »

Arts Calendar

By Ava Burton Hip Hop Club Performance & Dance Party Saturday April 15, 7 p.m. Smith Hall “Bollywood will be opening the event right at 7 p.m., followed by Hip Hop Club, so don’t miss it! Pizza, snacks, and refreshments will be provided.” KLC’s Sunburn Music Festival Saturday April 15, 9 p.m. Stamm Headlined by rappers Father and Duckwrth, KLC’s ... Read More »

Budget debunked: reallocations remedy as usual, larger trends threaten forecasting

By Althea Billings In the final weeks of the fall 2016 semester, a special faculty meeting on the budget was held to discuss priorities in light of the budgetary shortfall. The budget process is usually a project for the Dean, the Financial Office and the faculty Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), so it was odd that the faculty was included. The inclusion ... Read More »

A preview of KLC radio’s annual “Sunburn”

By Brendan Nagle As the school year winds down, many Lewis & Clark students are desperate for something to relieve the stress of seven months of diligent school work. One last weekend of fun, before catastrophe strikes in the form of final exams. Luckily for them, KLC Radio’s year-end festival will return to LC! Sunburn will take place on Saturday, ... Read More »

Bathroom rights: NC shakeup

In response to commercial and religious pushback, North Carolina has repealed its infamously offensive “bathroom bill”, signalling a large step forward for the transgender community by Zack Johnson On Feb 26, 2016, the City Council of Charlotte, NC passed Ordinance 7056, a non-discrimination order banning the the discrimination of citizens based upon sexual orientation and gender identity within publicly owned ... Read More »