Katherine Dunn, author of “Geek Love” exhibit on display in Watzek, includes fan response to novel

The new exhibit in Watzek Library on the award-winning author Katherine Dunn is anything but ordinary, which is probably how Dunn would have wanted it to be. Dunn’s career-starting novel Geek Love, published in 1989, is centered around Portland and more specifically a nostalgia for an older, grittier Portland that continues to disappear as the city becomes increasingly gentrified. The ... Read More »

Japandroids’ Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Review

  Undoubtedly, Japandroids ignored the narrative surrounding the trajectory of modern indie rock. After a decade that found nearly every music publication running a “hot take” on the death of rock, or at least guitar-centric music, the Vancouver-duo put out successive albums Post-Nothing (2009) and Celebration Rock (2012) that worshipped the lamented era of rock superstardom. Their larger-than-life anthemic songs ... Read More »

Arts Calendar

By Ava Burton Hip Hop Club Performance & Dance Party Saturday April 15, 7 p.m. Smith Hall “Bollywood will be opening the event right at 7 p.m., followed by Hip Hop Club, so don’t miss it! Pizza, snacks, and refreshments will be provided.” KLC’s Sunburn Music Festival Saturday April 15, 9 p.m. Stamm Headlined by rappers Father and Duckwrth, KLC’s ... Read More »

Budget debunked: reallocations remedy as usual, larger trends threaten forecasting

In the final weeks of the fall 2016 semester, a special faculty meeting on the budget was held to discuss priorities in light of the budgetary shortfall. The budget process is usually a project for the Dean, the Financial Office and the faculty Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), so it was odd that the faculty was included. The inclusion of the ... Read More »